21 Aug 2008

Curry Laksa

In my view, the best place that serves curry laksa is at Giant Tampoi Food Court. I have been to Jalan Kolam Air Laksa House but the curry laksa at Giant Tampoi Food Court is still the best.

Apart from curry laksa the "Korner Mee Masakan Cina" Stall FC 12 also serves Wanton Mee, Koay Teow Soup, Mee Curry Kering.

Curry Laksa (bihun)


If you want to try the best chicken chop in town and if you are around Jalan Dhoby, do drop by IT ROO Cafe. Their chicken chop has been rated the best in town.. From what i heard IT ROO is the prodigy of Hwa Mui Restaurant (Wamoi as most JB pple said).

IT ROO also serve other oldies western dishes and chinese noodles.

Fried Kuey Teow (kering)

IT ROO's Egg and Chips

IT ROO's interior

15 Aug 2008

Taking a break

I am taking a break, will update once i return. Aaaaaahhh, enjoying an ice cool teh botol....

4 Aug 2008

Gula Tarik

To those who miss eating the Gula Tarik, do go to Bazar Hajjah Jainah at the Larkin Bus Station. You can find the gula tarik and also other jajansss

28 Jul 2008

It's about time MTPNJ

It's about time MTPNJ makes a plan to "really promote" Johor as a tourist destination and not a by pass state. Place of interest and place to makan2 need to be indentified by MTPNJ, proper marketing need to be done, hire qualified people to work with MTPNJ. If they don't have expertise on that, hire a consultant. MTPNJ should learn from Melaka and Singapore.
Majlis Tindakan Pelancongan Negeri Johor but so far no Tindakan.

The Star Online
Monday July 28, 2008
Johor to get tourists to stay the night

JOHOR BARU: Johor will focus on creating more activities to get tourists to stay longer.
Johor Tourism, Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Committee chairman Hoo Seong Chang said there should be more activities to get tourists to spend the evening and stay the night, and these would include cultural stage shows and markets selling local items.
“There are travellers who only come for a few hours for shopping or food. With the evening programmes, they may decide to stay for the night,” he told reporters after launching the Malaysia International Travel Mart here on Friday.
He said Danga Bay was already planning a night cruise where visitors could have dinner onboard.
“We can also have such night attractions in other places like Desaru and Tanjung Piai,” he said.

1 Jul 2008

Gerai 10 Bumbu Kito

Kalau ke Johor Bahru melalui lebuhraya PLUS, jangan lupa singah di RR Pagoh (Arah ke selatan) kerana di situ ada nasi ambeng yang boleh tahan sedap. Kalau dah makan rasa macam nak makan lagi dan lagi.

Nama gerai tu Bumbu Kito, gerai nombor 10...

Nasi ambeng Bumbu Kito, gerai nombor 10 RR Pagoh (arah ke selatan)

24 Jun 2008

Jintan Manis

Ada restoran baru di Larkin Indah, Datin Halimah dekat MPTI.
Nama restoran tu Kafe Jintan Manis.
Tempatnya cosy dan homy, boleh dijadikan tempat hang out untuk keluarga dan kekawan.
Sajian yang ada, western dan local. Makanannya sedap2, difahamkan chef nya pernah keje di hotel..sebab tu makanan sedap2.....jadi cuba lah ke sana......
Kalau nak makan ringan2 cuba desert2 nya sedappppppp.

cuba desert ice cream n cake nya

soup of the day

sebahagian menu Jintan Manis